Layering grey and gold

My closet consists of a lot of grey and most of my jewelry is a gold tone.
SO, here’s a¬†simple outfit made super cute just by layering a few pieces of jewelry.
Grey (or black) with gold is my favorite pairing because it works both ways Рcasual with character, or formal.
When layering, I always like different lengths and also never do more than two types of jewelry. So necklace and rings, or rings and bracelets, but never all three together.

I love foraging for my jewelry at Forever21. I know, you’re thinking it’ll look cheap. Yes, some of it does (stay away from silver jewelry), but when it comes to gold rings or simple pendant necklaces, that’s my go to place because well, it’s SUPER cheap and lasts the season. Can you believe all the jewelry other than the wishbone necklace shown below is from Forever21?!



Dress: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Forever21
Jewelry: Forever21

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